Choir Practice

For a current list of who will be performing, please see the table at the bottom of this page, together with an indication of who is on which part, which may be refined as we go along.

Current Line-Up

Soprano 1Sue SampsonAnna Bertorelli
Soprano 2Rosy CanterMarie Grafton
Alto 1Kathie ParkinsonTessa TimmisRosemary Brown
Alto 2Mary MyzerIsabelle Iny
Tenor 1Laurie MarksMalcolm Jackson
Tenor 2Lesley SmithSue Spurlock
Bass 1John Glasstbc
Bass 2Andrew Belltbc

Hymn to the Fallen – 27th April 2024

Below, you will find links to some different resources that will help you to get to know the parts for Hymn to the Fallen. You should begin my listening to the original soundtrack from the film, which you can find on YouTube by clicking here.

Sheet Music

Sing-a-long Videos

The clips below are generated with Sibelius and will allow you to hear the chorus without the band parts behind. There is also a clip for each line where the remainder of the chorus has been ‘turned down’ so you can hear one line clearly against the background. If you would like to hear any different mixes, please just ask. Happy Practicing 🙂



Soprano 1
Soprano 2


Alto 1
Alto 2


Tenor 1
Tenor 2


Bass 1
Bass 2

On Golden Pond – 27th April 2024

Parts to download/print

Guns Nun’s and All that Jazz – 27th April 2024

Cinderella – 27th April 2024